The United States (and Millbury) was involved in
World War I from April 6, 1917 until November 11, 1918.

A total of 219 Millbury men served in this
War to end
, and there were five deaths.

The Millbury Historical Society and the Millbury Veterans
have plans to commemorate this one-hundredth
anniversary and the young men of Millbury through
programs and exhibits- most likely this fall.
Gateway to the Blackstone Valley
The Millbury Historical Society
Incorporated 1972
Millbury, Massachusetts

Preserving Millbury's Past for its Future
Our Mission

"As a bridge from the past to the future, the Millbury
Historical Society is committed to preserve, protect,
present and promote the history of Millbury."
P.O. Box 367
Millbury, MA


The last time Millbury saw Asa & Susan Waters in LIVING COLOR was at the town’s Centennial in 1913!!!

Where their portraits went after that was a mystery…. until Thursday 11 May!

The Millbury Historical Society is proud to have facilitated the crafting and installation of these gorgeous
John Blunt paintings of our beloved Susan Holman Waters and Asa Waters II.

Our huge Annual Meeting was held on Thursday, June
We sang "Happy Birthday" to Milbury which is now 204
years old, and gave away a door prize of Millbury
Redware before our guest speaker began his very
entertaining presentation.
Bryan Farr, founder of the Historic U.S. Route 20
Association, demonstrated and imparted 3,365 miles of
information about America's longest road!
Refreshment were served, and everyone chatted away
about the program. Thank you, Bryan!

Bryan's website:

Millbury's own Charles F, Minney who died in 1919.
Another Successful Program of The Millbury
Historical Society

 Confederate bills were just a few of the awesome
artifacts on display at the
Millbury Historical Society's
Coin Appraisal Night.

Dick Lisi of
Lisi & Lisi Coin and Tom and Matt Lissi of
Sterling Rare Coin captivated all present on April 27th
with their entertaining and informative presentation.

 Dozens of folks lined up to have their monetary
treasures appraised. All in all, it was a great
community gathering at the
Asa Waters Mansion!
The Lisis: Dick,Tom and Matt
Professional numismatists  put on a great show.
These photos of the standing-room-only crowd are courtesy of
the multi-tasking and multi-talented
Richard Hamilton, Board
Member of
The Millbury Historical Society and Fire Chief of

Our Next Museum Opening at the Asa
Waters' Mansion

Thursday June 15 from 9-11 AM

Stop in and see the new exhibit:
Millbury in World War I

From this........ THIS!!!!
The Unveiling! Jerilyn Stead (left) watches as Society president Frank Gagliardi (center) and Board Member
Jeff Dore (right) present Susan Holman Waters.
Many thanks, also, to photographer Edd Cote for his valuable aid in bringing this dream to fruition.
To the Generous Supporters of the
Grass Hill School Restoration Project:

   This is a progress update on the ongoing restoration of the historic
schoolhouse. With your help, this renovation has been moving along very

   We are currently in
Phase Three. The first two phases accomplished some
major exterior pieces. During the third phase, the exterior was completed, and
work has begun inside.

   This restoration project would not be nearly as far as it is without the
tremendous support of the
Millbury Savings Bank. As we were putting together
a plan to raise funds,
The Board of Trustees of the Millbury Savings Bank, with
the outreach of
President Rob Morton, stepped up and made an offer we
couldn’t refuse.

   They offered to match dollar for dollar, every donation up to $5,000 a year for
five years. This has proved to be a major portion of our efforts. In this first year,
the bank has donated $5,000 as we collected $24,085 in donations. We received
valuable guidance from Rob, along with help from the very talented
Lynne Feiz. It
really is amazing how the assistance of the bank brought this project to a whole
new level! We can’t thank them enough.

   With the support of
State Senator Michael Moore and State Representative
Paul Frost,
a grant was received from the Commonwealth of Massachusetts for
$25,000. These funds were used to complete the siding on the north and west
sides of the building.

   With a generous discount for our clapboards from
C & S Lumber, Warren
our talented restoration carpenter, brought life to windows, doors and
remaining sides of the schoolhouse. He refurbished the windows and doors on
those sides to the proper period look.

   With the assistance of the
Millbury DPW, old debris was removed from the
grounds, and the overgrowth was cleared, an insurmountable task that needed to
be done.

   The next step brought us inside. The building was insulated by
Building Systems Inc.
, which will help keep the rooms at a comfortable level
and conserve heating oil and electricity. The attic space and exterior walls were
brought up to today’s standards. Warren Lampher also assisted with this work by
creating paths for the insulation in the walls.

   Due to the generosity of
Ken’s Oil in Millbury, the atmosphere in the school
will be comfortable.  Ken has virtually donated the new heating and air
conditioning system along with volunteering his labor to install it. This step is
valued at well over $25,000 and is truly appreciated by everyone involved.  

   In an effort to provide a restroom that is accessible to all,
Steve Willette,
owner of
Reliable Plumbing, has offered to install all the plumbing and fixtures
for the bathroom.  He has also acquired the necessary fixtures through the
generosity of
Republic Plumbing in Grafton. We can’t tell you how much this
gesture means to this project.

   A major concern for us is the protection of the visitors and the safety of the
building. To this end, electrician
Larry Morris has donated his time in rewiring the
entire school. He has begun by replacing every wire in the building, which will
make for a safer structure. In an effort to stay within the period of the school, all
fixtures that are visible will be of the proper style. A new main electric panel will
provide the proper circuit protection to prevent potential hazards. We can’t tell
you how much we appreciate Larry’s work.

   Through this entire project,
Warren Lampher has gone above and beyond our
expectations. Warren has done some amazing quality work at the schoolhouse
but has also assisted with every step taken in the project. He has done much
research to keep us on track for the proper historical nature of it all. He has the
proper connections to find the appropriate talent to make this a first-class

The Millbury Historical Society Board of Trustees and President Frank
i have been providing tremendous support and guidance in this effort.
The Grass Hill School Subcommittee, led by Chairwoman Mary Lou Mulhane,
has devoted countless hours to create this project that is coming to fruition. Mary
Lou continues the work with which she has been involved in the first two phases
of reconstruction.  With these efforts, the Grass Hill School will be a truly
magnificent historical treasure for our town.

   As we continue with this phase of restoration, we look forward to meeting
more milestones. We will install an
ADA compliant ramp to make sure the building
is accessible to all. The walls inside will be plastered with a period look. The
interior will be painted and decorated to be fresh and to bring back the look of
historic times.

   We are always looking for help to complete this phase. If you have a particular
talent or trade and could help us out, let us know.

    Look for further updates at or follow us on https:

    For any questions or to help, contact us at