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Our Exciting Annual Meeting: June 9th!

Rich Hamilton's Traveling Postcard Show!


Mark your calendars for Thursday June 9th at 7:00!


The Millbury Historical Society will hold its Annual Meeting and program.


Ever wondered what Millbury looked like years ago?


Maybe you grew up in town and would enjoy seeing some of the views of Millbury that don’t exist anymore.

We will show a movie of Rich Hamilton’s postcards of the past .


His collection has grown and now there are One-hundred and twenty-five pictures going back into the 1800’s. There are old mills, churches, and older views of Millbury Center, to name a few. Many of the buildings no longer exist.


There are even several postcards when President Taft visited his Aunt Delia in Millbury in 1910. There is something for everyone.







The show is free and will be streamed live on local cable and also through Zoom. The show will go on virtually and if conditions allow, you will be allowed to attend the program in person at the Asa Waters Mansion.


After the show there will be a time for questions and comments.  

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