Videos from the Society's Past Events

Click on these selections for virtual Millbury history!

The Millbury Historical Society presented an Historic Central Cemetery Tour on Saturday, October 27, 2012

Eight interesting town residents from the past are depicted:

Asa Waters II, Patriarch of Millbury- built the Mansion
Aunt Delia Torrey- aunt of President William Howard Taft
Clara Lemay- fourteen year old murdered at the Cordis Mill
Elliott Haires- only Millbury policeman injured in the line of duty
Roland Bowen- Civil War hero whose letters home are recorded
Donald Taylor- sailor killed at sea in World War II
Anna DeGroote- mother of four babies who later died
Lawrence Atwood Whitney-Millbury's Olympian in the 1911 games

37 minutes

Jeri Stead's 2012 Interview with Bob Pearson

     Bob Pearson's Elmhurst Dairy Farm was once 3,000 acres during Col. Jonathan Holman's day (18th Century), and now it is 300 acres.

     Pearson's Elmhurst Dairy is the last dairy farm in West Millbury. Bob talks about family and neighborhood lore for the past hundred years.

43 minutes

Rich Hamilton's Traveling Postcard Show is now available to view here!



For those of you who missed the Annual Meeting of The Millbury Historical Society on June 9th (or perhaps wish to see it AGAIN), just click on the link below to enjoy the show!

Some advice:

*Be sure to view it on full-screen.

*The entire evening's program is 1 hour nineteen minutes. This is the business part, Rich's movie, and the questions & answers (and reminiscing)!

However, if you just want a certain section, this is how it is divided:

Business meeting: 1-20 on the counter.

Rich's Movie: 20-40 on the counter.

Questions and reminiscing: 40-the end.

Here's the link: