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Videos from the Society's Past Events

Click on these selections for virtual Millbury history!

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The Millbury Historical Society presented an 
Historic Central Cemetery Tour on Saturday, October 27, 2012

Eight interesting town residents from the past are depicted:

Asa Waters II (Tom Fox), Patriarch of Millbury- built the Mansion

Aunt Delia Torrey (Lynn McKenny-Lydick)- aunt of President William Howard Taft

Clara Lemay Anna Army)- fourteen year old murdered at the Cordis Mill

Elliott Haires (Dennis Hill)- only Millbury policeman injured in the line of duty

Roland Bowen (Joe Barbato)- Civil War hero whose letters home are recorded

Donald Taylor (Dick Belisle) - sailor killed at sea in World War II

Anna DeGroote (Kristen Dana)- mother of four babies who later died

Lawrence Atwood Whitney (Tim Born)-Millbury's Olympian in the 1911 games

37 minutes.

Jeri Stead's 2012 Interview with Bob Pearson

     Bob Pearson's Elmhurst Dairy Farm was once 3,000 acres during Col. Jonathan Holman's day (18th Century), and now it is 300 acres.

     Pearson's Elmhurst Dairy is the last dairy farm in West Millbury. Bob talks about family and neighborhood lore for the past hundred years.

43 minutes.





Rich Hamilton's Traveling Postcard Show is now available to view here!

For those of you who missed the Annual Meeting of The Millbury Historical Society in June (or perhaps wish to see it AGAIN), just click on the link below to enjoy the show! Be sure to view it on full-screen.


 79 minutes.


Business meeting: 1-20 on the counter.

Rich's Movie: 20-40 on the counter.

Questions and reminiscing: 40-the end.

Here's the link:

Ton Remuck.jpeg

     In the 1980's, Millbury son Tom Remuck wrote and performed "The Millbury Song"with The Blackstone River Band. This music video was made in 2010, and Tom passed in 2014. Although many of the businesses and locations have disappeared, this song still maintains the flavor of a much-beloved small town. The song was voted the Official Song of Millbury in 2015.


3.48  minutes.

6 (5).JPG


     Library Trustee Rita Sullivan visits the Museum of the Millbury Historical Society, and President Frank Gagliardi gives her a short tour of the premises; next, Frank recites "'Twas the Night Before Christmas."

30 minutes

Tom Fox
Joe Barbato
Alex Belisle, Phd.

Meet Millbury's FOUR Fathers

Before the Battles of Lexington and Concord, there was the Bloodless Revolution of 1774 in Worcester in which these four Millbury citizens prominently figured: Deacon Asa Waters I (Tom Fox), Colonel Jonathan Holman (Joe Barbato), Pastor Ebenezer Chaplin (Alex Belisle, Phd.) and Squire Amos Singletary (Roger Desrosiers). 

Your hostess was Susan Holman Waters, wife of Asa Waters II (Jerilyn Stead).


45 minutes

Roger Desrosiers
Roger 2.jpg
Jerilyn Stead

Veterans' Day 2012 at

The First Congregational Church of Millbury

85 minutes

56 Minutes

Frank Gagliardi, Len Mort and Dorrie Cronan of "Yesterday, Today & Tomorrow" reminisce about the terrible Flood of 1955 and its effect on the Town of Millbury.

LCI-713 Veterans' Day Program, Part I      2021


The Millbury Historical Society would like to acknowledge and thank all who turned out for our Veterans' Day program about Millbury's very own World War II vessel, the LCI-713, on November 11th 2021.

     The event was exceptionally well-attended, and the citizens of Millbury donated generously to the welfare of the landing craft for the second time in its existence!


     In particular the Society would like to thank all the Veterans who stopped in and the Charles F. Minney Post for hosting the program (Bob & Barbara Roy: great job!). Kevin Krassopoulos, Public Access Director, thank you for filming and beautifully editing the entire event (below).


45 minutes.

LCI-713 Veterans' Day Program, Part II       2022

     This event took place exactly one year after the introductory program of 2021 and featured the woodcrafted replica of the LCI-713 built by Doug Bowker, the grandson of Harold Bowker, Savings Bond Coordinator Extraordinaire!


     This program featured a real-time tour of the LCI itself with the men out on the West Coast in Portland!

     We watched as Dave McKay, Amphibious Forces Museum Historian and Jerry Gilmartin, Director, took us through the features of "Millbury's Ship." The tour begins around 45 on the counter with a few black & white newsreels about amphibious crafts from 1-45.

74 minutes.

Best of Model.jpg

Doug Bowker's model of the LCI-713 

Saturday, September 17, 2016
Sign Dedication at The Old Common
31 Minutes

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