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Our Museum is Open for Business Again!







On Thursday, September 15th, The Millbury Historical Society presented the program “Zosia, Immigration and Industry” to a large crowd.

       Helen Rawinski Blazis portrayed her Polish grandmother Zosia who arrived in the Blackstone Valley to work in the woolen mills in 1912.

       Helen expertly led the audience through the immigrant experience in the mills: the hours, the work and the pay that a hard-working young woman could put aside for a bright future if she were thrifty.

       Helen also explained that the Blackstone River was the swiftest river in the country which made it most desirable as a power source. Unfortunately, in time, it also became the most polluted river in the country.

       Other topics covered by the speaker were the many different mills in Grafton and Sutton, their hierarchy of workers, and the many Polish families that worked in them and lived in the villages provided by the factory owners.

       Afterwards, there were refreshments of Polish pastries and breads, and Helen Rawinski Blazis was available if people wished to buy her book “Zosia” for $25. (If interested, please message the Millbury Historical Society at

Zosia 2).jpg
Zosia 2.jpg
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The Millbury Historical Society Museum is open for business!

Be sure to visit us in the Asa Waters Mansion on Wednesday, October 5th any time between 6 and 8 PM.


Besides our extensive collection of Millbury-themed photos, we have tons of sports memorabilia and military artifacts.

We have a new display about beloved teacher and selectwoman Diane Hill.




We are featuring a display of a model of Millbury's LCI-713 painstakingly crafted by Doug Bowker, the grandson of Harold Bowker.

In 1944, Harold Bowker led the drive to raise enough money in War Bonds so that Millbury could sponsor this ship.









Please stop in to see it and say hello to Frank. 

Other October openings are: Thursday, October 13th from 9-11 AM and Saturday, October 22nd from 9:30 until noon.

Finished LCI model.jpg

Rich Hamilton's Traveling Postcard Show!

34 - Main Street.JPG


Rich Hamilton's Traveling Postcard Show is now available to view online!

For those of you who missed the Annual Meeting of The Millbury Historical Society on June 9th (or perhaps wish to see it AGAIN), just click on the link below to enjoy the show!

Some advice:

*Be sure to view it on full-screen.

*The entire evening's program is 1 hour nineteen minutes. There is the business part, Rich's movie, and the questions & answers (and reminiscing)!

However, if you just want a certain section, this is how it is divided:

Business meeting: 1-20 on the counter.

Rich's Movie: 20-40 on the counter.

Questions and reminiscing: 40-the end.

Here's the link:

These photos below are from Millbury's 150th Anniversary Parade held in June
of 1963.

These and many other photos are currently displayed in the lobby at our Town Hall is
an exhibit of more of that parade and the other festivities that accompanied the
150th anniversary!

150th Parade Lithuanian Drum Corps.jpg
Elm Street & Post Office.jpg

Millbury Historical Society Presents Program about World War II's LCI 713, Millbury's Ship


 Be proud, little town of Millbury, because in August of 1944, your seven-thousand residents (one-thousand of whom were in the armed forces) raised over one-million dollars in the Fifth War Bond Drive of the war! Enough to sponsor its very own naval landing craft: the LCI (L) 173!


     Recently, The Millbury Historical Society presented a program about this this long-forgotten, patriotic feat and how it was accomplished by our town! Learn where the idea arose, how the funds were raised, when the ship was commissioned, and where it is TODAY!

     Watch the video below to access the program. It begins with an eight-minute introduction to the LCI-713 itself.

LCI713 group crew shot, ENG and  XO lower right
LCI713 group crew shot, ENG and XO lower right

press to zoom
LCI713 commissioning Millbury  Plaque presentation (002)
LCI713 commissioning Millbury Plaque presentation (002)

LCI-713 Commissioning: September 19, 1944

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LCI-713 in Portland, Oregon TODAY

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LCI713 group crew shot, ENG and  XO lower right
LCI713 group crew shot, ENG and XO lower right

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     The Millbury Historical Society would like to acknowledge and thank all who turned out for our Veterans' Day program about Millbury's very own World War II vessel: The LCI-713!

     The event was exceptionally well-attended, and the citizens of Millbury donated generously to the welfare of the landing craft for the second time in its existence!


     In particular the Society would like to thank all the Veterans who stopped in; The Charles F. Minney Post for hosting the program (Bob & Barbara Roy: great job!). Kevin Krassopoulos, Public Access Director, thank you for filming the entire event, and Maureen Sullivan Editor of The Millbury-Sutton Chronicle did a wonderful job with the advanced Publicity.

Watch Video ^




      The sixth Annual Grace M. Laflash/Millbury Historical Society Scholarship was recently awarded to Emma Schillinger, an eighth-grade student at Assumption School in Millbury. 

     Emma was the top history student in the eight grade. She will be attending St. Mark's School this fall.


          Grace Laflash was a Charter Member of the Historical Society and its Secretary for nearly forty years.  She was the
unquestioned expert on Millbury History.  Grace taught fifth-grade at Assumption for over twenty-five years, and she
instituted a Millbury History Class into the curriculum. Hundreds and hundreds of students learned about this Town from Grace.  Her classes often put on plays and skits about events from Millbury’s early history and took part in every Town historical celebration.

     When the bridge spanning the Blackstone River and the railroad tracks needed replacing in 1983, Grace’s class researched the history and found that the accepted name of “McGowan Bridge” was incorrect.  Instead, it was originally
named the “Gowing Bridge” in honor of a prominent businessman in Town.  At the grand opening ceremony, Grace and her students were given the honor of cutting the ribbon for the new “Gowing Bridge.”

     Grace passed away in 2015, and her family asked that donations be made in her name to the Millbury Historical Society.  The Board of Trustees of the Society voted to use the funds to establish a scholarship in her name at Assumption
School and President Frank Gagliardi made the presentation at Awards Night in the Church.



E. Schillinger.jpg

Emma Schillinger

GRACE 11-17-08 002.JPG

Grace M. Laflash


P.O. Box 367, Millbury MA 01527